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(Sep 26, 2015)
Zanton's guild video:
(Apr 20, 2015)
Thinking about getting back in to the game - anyone still playing? Send me a shout to - ALLYN
(May 05, 2014)
I have returned. I have many toons now and am looking to get back into the guild. I was a former OPs leader many moons ago. let me know how to get started again.
(Jan 30, 2014)
Call customer support and they'll give you a PW over the phone after you verify account info.
(Jan 19, 2014)
i cant belive it has been all most 2 years since i have been in the guild, i really do injoy the guild.
(Dec 31, 2013)
once again, i can't play. i'm getting that damn OTP BS and its not sending to me so i can't even log in
(Dec 19, 2013)
this is pres btw
(Dec 19, 2013)
hey, can't get into the game. the launcher won't even show up
(Dec 01, 2013)
... hello?
(Jul 30, 2013)
Hey all glad to be in the guilds
(Jul 05, 2013)
hey ppl :)
(Jul 05, 2013)
Check out my post about Alternative Voice Chat! Pol Included
(Jul 01, 2013)
Sup all
(Jun 18, 2013)
lol, guess I should have read this before I put my answer in
(Jun 17, 2013)
Catt where did u go?
(Jun 17, 2013)
come back into the game your answer was correct
(Jun 17, 2013)
Yes, I am
(Jun 17, 2013)
Catterai you there?
(Jun 16, 2013)
This is a shout out.
(Jun 16, 2013)
i see you valt