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Guild video

Zanton's guild video:
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General Discussion

Availability on SWTOR

I am currently having trouble on getting back on. Still in the process of finding a place currently homeless and trying to get on when I can but I am unable to due to the e-mail used for the account was "recycled" by Yahoo. I have not got around t...
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General Discussion

Nice Website

I really should have used this website much earlier and signed up. This is a well thought out website and if I can help promote it's use let me know.
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General Discussion

Future of SWToR speculation

Check this thread out : Your text to link here...In case the thread is deleted, i am posting the content here :-Star Wars: Prelude to DarknessA bunch of us ended up being privy to some meetings that were meant to be kept secret from us, so I shoul...
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General Discussion

This is Joush(rep side)/Ichi(Imp side)

Hi there, sorry for very very late subscription to the guild forums. i always told myself "i will do it tomorrow" and always forgot but finally i have managed to find that "tomorrow", my apologies. I am currently playing regularly on Rep side as H...
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General Discussion

Would like to return to the guild

sorry i've been gone for a while. i got really sick really fast
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General Discussion

Would like to return to guild

Hey all. I was a member of the guild for several months from around March till sometime in the summer. Got busy with school and work and finally logged back in to, not surprisingly, a guild-less status. I was wondering if I can rejoin. My imper...
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General Discussion

Know Your Officers!

Hello, this is Ald from the Imp Side Guild. Here is a list of Officers for your viewing pleasure.GM - LORD and MASTERValtolimorCo-GM - DARTHAld/GeltieComputerousR'ven and her altsValt's altsSith LordEvrecas (and alts)QuindolasSevendusk (and alts)A...
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General Discussion

Created an Alternative Voice Chat

Hey All,Just wanted to let you all know that I have created an Alterative Voice Chat to Ventillo. It called RaidCall, using the same name as the Sith Guild. It very easy to use. All you need to do is go to and do the free download, cr...
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General Discussion

2.0 update lvl 55 medicine op skill tree
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General Discussion

Game Update 2.2 - Guild Rewards

I noticed something interesting on the SWTOR Guild RewardsRECRUIT TO EARN ADDITIONAL GUILD XP AND REPUTATIONBONUSESIn addition to the +5% Guild XP Bonus gained for guild membership, earn +1% Guild XP Bonus and +1% Reputation Bonus for every five r...
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General Discussion

An interesting bug

SO i've marooned my little brother here in the past not once, but three times.
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General Discussion


Hey this is Dhar I just wanted to give a general intro. I am 36 years old I am from Michigan but currently live in Oklahoma. I am married with 5 kids. I have been gaming for about 10 years now, started with Star Wars Galaxies then moved to WoW....
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General Discussion

Daily/Weekly Runs

I would like to organize Daily/Weekly runs like we organize our OPs nights.We could have a day shift and a night shift for dailies, and pick a day for weeklies with day and night runs as well.Just a thought.
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General Discussion

default guild recruitment message?

do we have a guild message that i can just copy/paste in general so i can help recruit people?
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ScottD_902627Small Zylla 5y
General Discussion

Tip for Improving FPS

Go to the Windows Task Manager Click the Processes tab Click the button "Show Processes from all users" near the bottom left (if its there) right click the two swtor.exe processes slide over the "Set Priority" Change to "realtime", "high", or "ab...
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General Discussion

Antivirus and 1.3

Anybody else having a problem with their antivirus and the new patch? i can only run the game with mine turned off. I am using my ISP antivirus, so thats probably part of the problem but arrgh! I am trying to find a way for it to allow it but it i...
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General Discussion

PTS - Public Test Server

Anyone testing 1.3 on the PTS?I am. I have Aldrdinar and a new character to test the legacy perkis, Aldir.
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General Discussion

Instead of using wireless, try Powerline Networking!

Hello, everyone. This is my first post in the forums, so I thought I would put some useful information for everyone. For those of you that use wireless, there are alternatives that most people would not think of. Obviously you have ethernet which ...
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Computerous1314Small Computerous 5y
General Discussion

Roles and availability

I Just wanted to see if I could get everyone that is interested in running some HM FP or even reg FP to let me know when they are available and what role they would be playing i.e healz, tank, ranged dps or melee dps.I am a PowerTech Tank. I am a...
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