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#6237550 Jun 10, 2012 at 12:03 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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Firstly, I want to stress that rank is not the focus in this guild.

Rank mainly serves to control guild bank access. But if you need something in a slot you cannot get to, just ask someone who can.

Guild ranks are different between the Imp and Rep guilds, and the top leadership ranks are listed:

GM / Emperor / Grandmaster Jedi
Vice-GM / Dark Council
First officer / Darth

Membership ranks (not leadership) are earned, generally by helping out others, having a positive attitude, contributing positively in guild chat (not being immature), using the guild bank appropriately (putting some credits back when things are taken out), recruiting for guild, etc.

People are promoted when they least expect it. If someone is asking for promotion, we are extremely disinclined to ever promote such a person. I look for people who help out others, who do things for the benefit of the guild, who use the guild bank appropriately, and who are mature. I look at how they interact with others in guild chat, and the level of maturity of their conversation.

It used to be that people got roughly the same rank in both guilds automatically as a courtesy, but as the guilds have grown, some other members felt like it was unfair, and that it would be better for people to have to earn their ranks in each guild. Therefore, after officer discussion, we have a new policy that membership ranks do not automatically transfer, with the exception that probation rank is skipped.

(Probation rank is the starting rank with very limited guild bank access to keep people from joining just to steal from us).
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People ask..

What does it take to be promoted?

The answer depends on which rank.

The starting guild rank is a probationary rank, meant to discourage people from joining just to steal from the guild bank.

Imp side, Acolyte is the general member rank. Promotion to acolyte should be fairly quick for an active player who is interacting well with others and demonstrated appropriate use of guild bank. (all this means is putting in some approximately fair amount of credits if you take stuff out).

Promotions beyond member rank up to junior officer rank are generally earned, by showing you have what it takes for the rank. Different senior guild officers may have slightly different criteria. Players can generally earn their way up to the middle guild ranks. After that, criteria for promotion changes.

Senior officer ranks have different criteria for promotion:
The senior officer ranks are not a privilege; they are a JOB. To start out, I hire people I can get along with. I choose those who are mature, who are intelligent, who care about the welfare of the guild, and who can communicate with me outside of game via email. This person should be able to judge when it is appropriate to insta-kick someone from guild if they are behaving badly. I choose those who have leadership skills, and who have a positive attitude. I choose those who are emotionally balanced, and who do not actively seek after promotion. I look for people who have all those qualities because of who they are, not because of what they want to get in the guild (and I can usually tell when someone is trying too hard). I generally summarize all this by jokingly saying that promotion to officer rank is by my whim.

How long you have been in guild does not always matter in regards to certain promotions.

Your toon level may also not always matter. There is no such rule where a certain toon level means a certain guild rank.
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